Monday, January 4, 2016

Error "Overflow under type conversion of code to code. Value x"

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Today i am sharing a short post about this error "Overflow under type conversion of code to code. Value x"

Scenario : I got a call from client that they are facing this error "Overflow under type conversion of code to code. Value xxx " while punching a item with barcode.For instant or temporary resolution, I have told them to punch item with item number.After doing some research i found the root cause of the issue and resolved it permanently.That you can find below.

Platform : Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009 SP 1

Cause : The maximum length of field is defined 10 characters but they are trying to flow a value of more than 10 characters. 

Resolution : First you have to find the source of the error, For that you have to just activate the Debugger (Follow the link to see the tutorial for debugger ).It will take you the code from where this error is getting generated.
Now you have to find the variable which is unable to store or flow this value and increase the length of the variable as per your requirement. 

Result : Now variable is able to flow the same value as we have increased the length of it.

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Shubin Dongre