Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to Copy a Company in Dynamics Nav 2013 R2

Copy Company

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Today i am sharing a post regarding "How to Copy a Company in Dynamics Nav 2013 R2".

Microsoft added this new feature to copy a existing company in Dynamics Nav 2013 to a new one. Every time we need to create a new company while creating a new Database.Instead of making a new one you can copy a existing company also.

Here are some simple steps to do so 


1. Open "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 RTC" and go to Search option and search "Companies".

As Shown below :

How to Copy a Company in Dynamics Nav 2013 R2

2. New page will open "Companies" where you can find a list of existing Companies.

As Shown below : 
Companies List

 3.  Now Select the company you want to copy from the list and click "Copy".

As Shown below : 

Copy Company

4. A request window "Edit - Copy Company" will open,
write your new company name here and click "Ok" .
Naming New Company
 5.  Now wait for few seconds (It may take longer according to your system performance) . After some time your Company name will reflect in the list.

As Shown below :  
New Company Added

6. Now you can select your company and start working on it.

Cheers, You have created your new company.

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