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Infocodes in LS Retail V 5.05 ( Pos )

Infocodes In Ls Retail Pos microsoft dynamics navision

Infocodes :

Infocode is a trademark of LS Retail ehf. This are used to capture extra information regarding transactions made at the POS terminals in Dynamics NAV. You can apply an infocode to a particular action in Pos, for example when applying discount on particular transaction, Pos system will show a textbox with " Discount Reason " to cashier for an input. 

You can use infocodes automatically by the system without prompting the message, for example while applying vouchers and gift cards. In this case, you have to assign infocodes to objects.

Information Subcodes :

Subcodes are predefined inputs contained by an Infocode, For example in Discount Infocode subcodes will be Staff Discount, Corporate Discount etc.In this case, Pos System will accept only entries which are available as a subcode.

To Setup Infocodes follow this steps,

To Set up Infocodes :

1. In Dynamics NAV Navigation pane,  Select LS Retail - POS >> Setup >> Infocodes, New Window "Infocodes" will open.

2. Now for creating a new infocode Press F3, Card to see the Infocode Card window and then press F3 to create a new infocode.

3. Write details as per your requirement in these following fields  Code, Description and Type of Input fields.

4. If you want to prompt the infocode to cashier, then write your prompting message in the Prompt field.

5. If you want input from cashier, then tick in the Input Required Option.

6. Other fields you can fill as per your requirements.

You can setup Information Subcodes also by following this simple steps :

To Set up Information Subcodes :

1. In Dynamics Nav Navigation pane,  Select LS Retail - POS >> Infocodes. New Window "Infocodes" will open.

2. Select the specific infocode and select " SubCode " in Type of Input field .

3. Click Infocode then Subcodes. The Information Subcodes window will open.

4. Write your desired entries in " Subcode " and " Description " fields.

5. You can also use Microsoft Dynamics NAV Object as subcode by  selecting  the " Run Object " option in the " Trigger Function " field. 

6. In Trigger Code field Select the object you want to run.

7. Other fields you can fill as per your requirements.

Repeat steps from 4 to 7 for every new entry of  subcode.

Infocode Linking :
One infocode can be linked  to another infocode. For example you can assign more than one infocode to Pos activities like voiding and returns. You can also decide infocode printing on the customer receipts and prompting sequence for an input. After set up of infocodes, you can assign these to: 
  • Retail Items
  • Tender Types
  • Customer Accounts
  • Income/Expense Accounts
  • POS Activities
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