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How to make a line discount in Dynamics Nav 2013 R2

How to make a line discount in Dynamics Nav 2013 R2

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Today i am going to tell  you about " How to make a line discount in Dynamics Nav 2013 R2

Line Discount : Line discount is a simple discount on a particular item like '10 % off ' or 'Rs. 10 off'.
It's depends upon your requirement whether to use discount percentage or discount amount .

Scenario : I want to give 10 %  off on item named 'Butter' whose MRP is " Rs. 100" , after 
10 % discount it will become "Rs. 90".

Steps : 

1). First go to "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Development Environment " and open Page "Discount Offer".

2 ). Press "New" to create a new discount offer.

As shown below:

New Discount Dynamics Nav

3). Fill the fields In 'General' Tab'

As shown below:

  • No. : This will be your unique Discount ID.
  • Description : To recognize your discount.
  • Price Group : To make valid this discount for a particular price group.
  • Priority : To decide your priority to make your discount valid among other enabled discounts.(Lowest priority will be activated first)
  • Validation Period Id : This will decide your discount validation period in which you can select a specific Date and time period for your discount.

After filling these fields go to next step

4). Now go to 'Lines'  Tab and fill the following details

As shown below:


  • Type : In this field you can Select Item,Item category,Product group,All and Special group.
  • No : Specify Item no here.
  • Disc % : Specify discount  percentage.

Others options are also available like Triggers, Settings, Benefits, Additional Benefits and Store Group .If you want to know about these options also , Just comment below to let me know.

5). Now Click 'Enable' to activate your Discount offer

As shown below:

6). You can Test your discount in "Test Offer" in 'Action' Tab, As shown below:

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