Tuesday, December 29, 2015

.Zup file In Dynamics NAV

Zup File

Ever wondered why we get pop up "Do you want to replace the .zup file" on closing of Dynamics NAV Development Environment and what does it mean,
Lets Clear out here.

.Zup File :  All setup parameters that are responsible for running Dynamics NAV Development Environment are stored in .Zup file , which has default name fin.zup .


  • Windows XP :  C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Application Data.

  • Windows 7 and up :  C:\users\<User name>\AppData\Roaming\ .

.Zup File contains:

  • Database name.
  • Database server name.
  • All parameters defined in Options window.
  • User-specified personalization of development environment windows, such as window size, window position, column order, column visibility, and column width.

Why it's not a good practice to replace .Zup file :

When we are working on more than one Databases of Dynamics Nav  on a same PC  e.g. Database 'A' and Database 'B'.When i will open Database 'A' a .Zup file be created for the same which contain user setup information for Database 'A' . And when i will open Database 'B' ,at the time of closing it will pop up "Do you want to replace the .Zup file"  .

  • If Click 'Yes' : It will replace the .Zup file and makes a new one for Database 'B.

  • If Click 'No' : It will not change user setup information in .Zup file.

Issue resolution for .Zup File :

Any issue occurs regarding .Zup file in Dynamics Nav , best to delete the .Zup file because a fresh file will created again .

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