Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why do the Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013 Certification exam has been withdrawn?

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013 Certification exam withdrawn

Its a nature's course that to give place to any new thing in life, an old thing has to be compromised. Similarly in the changing scenario and day by day updating technology, Microsoft Dynamics is gaining ground with its new version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2015 and newly arrived version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016. 

The main reason for the withdrawal of Navision 2013 certification is to introduce a new certification exam for Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2015 which is likely to be launched soon. Still there are no news confirmation for the same by Microsoft. For the time there are no Certification exams being conducted for the Microsoft Dynamics Nav Professionals.

Microsoft has been updating its technology time to time and side by side replacing certification for the old technologies with the new ones. Here are the list of exams which are retired by Microsoft for Dynamics Navision from the beginning of time: 

MB7-221     Navision 4.0 C/SIDE Introduction                                            January 12, 2010
MB7-222     NAV 4.0 C/SIDE Solution Development                                  January 12, 2010
MB7-223     Navision 4.0 Warehouse Managemen                                     January 12, 2010
MB7-224     Navision 4.0 Manufacturing                                                      January 12, 2010
MB7-225     Navision 4.0 Financials                                                            January 12, 2010
MB7-226     Navision 4.0 Installation and Configuration                              January 12, 2010
MB7-227     Navision 4.0 Trade and Inventory                                            January 12, 2010
MB7-231     Navision 4.0 Relationship Management                                  January 12, 2010
MB7-232     Navision 4.0 Service Management                                          January 12, 2010
MB7-233     Navision 4.0 Costing                                                                January 12, 2010
MB7-514      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Introduction                  November 30, 2012
MB7-515      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Financials                                  November 30, 2012
MB7-516      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Solution Development  November 30, 2012
MB7-517      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Installation and Configuration    November 30, 2012
MB7-700      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Installation and Configuration July 31, 2015
MB7-701      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Core Setup and Finance         July 31, 2015
MB7-702      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 C/Side Development               July 31, 2015
MB7-838      NAV 2009 Installation & Configuration                                     June 30, 2014
MB7-839      NAV 2009 Core Setup and Finance                                         June 30, 2014
MB7-840      NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction                                                June 30, 2014
MB7-841      NAV 2009 C/SIDE Solution Development                                June 30, 2014
MB7-842      NAV 2009 Trade & Inventory                                                    June 30, 2014
MB7-843      NAV 2009 Warehouse Management                                        June 30, 2014
MB7-846      NAV 2009 Relationship Management                                       June 30, 2014
MB7-848      NAV 2009 Service Management                                               June 30, 2014
MB7-849      NAV 2009 Manufacturing                                                          June 30, 2014
MB7-849      NAV 2009-Produktion (Danish)                                                 June 30, 2014
MB7-849      NAV 2009-Produktion (German)                                               June 30, 2014

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