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How to Define a Temporary table in Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Temporary Tables

Temporary Table : A temporary variable that’s carry a table is called temporary table. It is basically used as a buffer  in C/AL programs for table data. Temporary table can be used in a same way as a database table is used. Temporary table is only present in the memory till the table is open.


All the exchange with a temporary table only occurs on client side. If you want to perform a large amount of calculations, a temporary table can used to load the data. This will increase processing speed because all the operations are processed on the client.

How to define a temporary table:

1). Click on Tools >> Object Designer>> create a new table.

2). Then go to View >> C/AL Globals or C/AL Locals. If you  have selected   C/AL Globals, the C/AL Globals window appears.

Definig a temporary table variable

3). Write a name for the temporary table variable, and select Record as the data type ,Select the desired table in Subtype field.

4). Select your variable line and click View>> Properties, It display the Properties window.

Changing property

5). Make the value of the Temporary property to Yes.

After you have successfully created a temporary table, you can use it in your C/AL code.

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