Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Add exception to 1433 SQL Port through Windows Firewall in Windows 10?

Adding exception to 1433 SQL Port through Windows Firewall in Windows 10 is no different than that in Windows 8, 8.1 and 7. However, their is a change in the procedure of adding exception in Windows Firewall from the previous version of Windows like Windows XP, etc.
The following are the few simple steps which will guide you through the process of adding exception through the Windows Firewall:

1) Open the Control Panel.

2) Select Windows Firewall from option in the Control Panel.

3)Then Select the Advance Settings option from inside the Windows Firewall.

Add exception to 1433 SQL Port through Windows Firewall

4) The exception can be provided on the Inbound and Outbound access of the Port depending upon the usage.

5) In this case, we Select the Inbound Rule so that we can provide the exception to access the 1433 port of any system which we are trying to access.

6) To create a New Rule for the 1433 port, Select the New Rule option from the Right Menu Pane.Windows Firewall in Windows 10 Inbound Rule
7) A box as shown below will open, now Select the Port and Click Next.

Create Port Exception in Windows Firewall Inbound Rule
8) Check mark on the TCP Option and Specify Local Ports as 1433 and then Click Next.

Specify local Ports 1433 in Inbound Rule of Windows Firewall
9) Check mark on the Allow the Connection radio button and then Click Next.
Allow the connection 1433 SQL Port Windows Firewall Inbound Rule
10) The three option as shown in the below screen are default selected. Let it remain as it is and then Click on Next.

Create Inbound rule in Windows Firewall
11) Now, the last and final step is to name your Rule which is made to provide exception in the Windows Firewall for the 1433 SQL  Server Port and then Press Finish.

Name the Inbound rule in Windows Firewall

Congratulations! Your Windows Firewall exception now has been successfully added to your rules. Kindly drop a comment below to ask anything related to the topic or off the topic. Thanks for Reading!
You can only able to Telnet the Port 1433 only if the Telnet Client Windows Features in Enabled. Read the Article to know : How to Enable Telnet in Windows (with Pictures)

Syed Aley Mehdi

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