Friday, December 25, 2015

Duplication of Receipt number in LS Retail Transactions | Microsoft Dynamics Nav

duplication of receipt number in ls retail microsoft dynamics nav

Have you ever come across a situation when you find that your Receipt Number has been duplicated in Transaction Header or Trans. Sales Entry table in Navision?

It is strange to find out but it is true that this is a bug in LS Retail. The reason for this bug can be from one of the following reasons:
  • The major reason of duplication of Receipt number is due to the dependency on the LSRetail.ini file which is located on a specific path of the system provided in the Retail Setup table. The other reasons are related to this LSRetail.ini file.
  • It can occur because of the failed suspension action, because that is the only action the is interfering with how receipt numbers are issued.
  • The duplication of Receipt number is occurring after the suspended receipt number has been retrieved from the POS Transaction table.
  • The LSRetail.ini file is overwritten between getting the new unposted Receipt number and writing the last Posted Transaction in Transaction Header.
  • There was error writing to the LSRetail.ini file due to an issue with the permission of writing in the drive where the file is located.

Workaround for the issue

There are two workaround solutions to this problem of duplication of Receipt numbers:

  • First one is to customize the database and introduce a new field for the Receipt number i.e Posted Receipt Number in the tables. This new Posted Receipt number is generated without any dependency on the LSRetail.ini file. What else we must do for this customization:
    • Create a Number Series for the Posted Receipt number.
    • Write code in the EPOS Main to increment the number series with 1 and store it to the POS Transaction and POS Trans. Line Table only when the transaction has been totaled. This way the Receipt number is generated only for the completed transactions.
    • Also, write code in the POS Post utility to transfer the new field data from POS Transaction table to the Transaction Header table and other related tables. 
  • Second option is to use the LS Navision POS use the POSSESSION (single instance) codeunit to store the Last Receipt number, which is the INI file used to have i the previous versions, instead of reading the last Receipt number from the table.

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