Friday, December 25, 2015

5 Stage SEO Process to become an SEO Expert

To run a successful blog or to improve page ranking of your website among the Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc., it is mandate to keep in mind the 5 stage SEO process to become an SEO Expert. 

5 Stages SEO Process become SEO Expert

The phases are given as follows:

Preliminary Stage

  • Begin the analysis of the website to find the loopholes and the weak-points where the SEO is urgently needed.
  • Search each and every keyword which comes in mind which are relevant to the content.
  • Finalize the keywords.

 Stage 1 - Site Architecture

  • Now study the structure of the website and design the best suitable structure according to the content.
  • Rewrite the URL.
  • Optimize the alt text internal links present in the HTML code in the images.

Stage 2 - Content Development

  • Keep on optimizing the old content and making it more SEO friendly.
  • Write the content and include more and more keywords in the content which are finalized in the first step.

Stage 3 - Link Building

  • Do the Search Engine & Directory submission of your website. Many websites provides this feature.
  • Submission of the blogs/articles using the Search Engine & Directory submission technique.
  • Link exchange or online advertising.
  • Publicize your blogs/articles using Social Media.

Stage 4 - Analytics & Reporting

  • Keep a look on the ranking updates of the Search Engines.
  • Monitor the traffic.
  • Re-optimization of the pages as required after the analysis done using the reports.

The discussion points under the phases are very briefly explained. Kindly post your comments below if need more clarification in any of the points mentioned above.

Now that you have read the 5 Stages of SEO Process, its time to try your hands on the real time SEO you can apply to your blog to increase the page rank on Google.

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Read the full article in the link : How to SEO - Optimize my Blog to increase the Page rank on Google Search?

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